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Automation meets IT

The software company Transition Technologies S.A. offers an outstanding and proven portfolio of IT products. These extend from the visualisation of current and historic processes to asset management and special process optimisations.

Close collaboration between gat in the area of industrial automation and instrumentation technology on the one hand and Transition Technologies S.A. in the area of IT on the other makes it possible to develop consistent and optimised overall solutions for our customers.

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EDS (Enterprise Data Server)

EDS offers a comprehensive platform for the archiving of data, data integration, live and remote visualisation of process data, graphics, trends and alarms. The EDS data are obtained from both the control system and from other data sources at the company and presented in process and write-protected control diagrams, alarm lists, trends and reports. The EDS as a data bridge combines process data with analytical IT products from Transition Technologies S.A.

TAMI (Technical Asset Management & Information) 

TAMI constitutes a complete solution for the control of the performance, organisation of services and reviews as well as the optimisation of the usage of fixed assets at centralised or distributed company sites. The software has a number of unique functions that offer, among others, the determination of the work processes triggered by individual decisive key performance indicators (KPI) and the ongoing collection of data, which facilitates a monitoring and optimisation of the schedules for the maintenance of the devices.

CEP (Compressor Energy Prognosis)

The CEP system calculates and optimises the gas and electricity requirements of compressors and gives a recommendation for the most cost-effective usage variant. For this, CEP uses a stable and proven optimisation algorithm with a user-friendly user interface.
You will receive from us all the support that you need to fulfil your requirements with regard to the instrumentation technology and IT. We offer you a consistent solution here.  

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