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The scalable process automation system

The scalable DeltaV process automation system from Emerson Process Management combines the robustness and compactness of a control unit (PLC) with the reliability of the integrated user interface and the information accessibility of large, decentralised process control systems (PCS).

The standards-based network works with a local communication network on the basis of Ethernet. It has a redundant design and uses the TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocol.
I/O interfaces are available in various designs for binary and analogue signals in standard or with HART protocol, Pt100 and thermo elements, serial coupling e.g. via MODBUS, DeviceNet or AS-i bus, fieldbus connection via FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 and H2 or Profibus DP or in the form of Electronic Marshalling. The cards can have a redundant design; intrinsically safe input modules are available. In addition, data can be exchanged with other systems or higher-level management systems (e.g. SAP) via the OPC interface and XML or via wireless gateways. Fail-safe controllers (up to SIL 3) are also available. Approvals are available for Class I, Division 2 and Zone 2.

Various controllers and software tools are available for different tasks (e.g. batch applications, web server). A historic database is integrated for your archiving. An automatic optimisation of the control loop is integrated in the engineering software for commissioning.
The scalability of the DeltaV means that a small system can be installed at the beginning. In the case of extensions, the existing system can be expanded with full integration of the components and configurations that already exist.

The scalable process automation system DeltaV is used in all areas of industry, very frequently in the chemicals/pharmaceutical and petrochemicals as well as the energy generation industry.  

Programming can be done in different configuration languages. Functional plan depiction (FPD) is available for continuous control, computing and regulation functions, process control units (SFC) for sequential, time-controlled processing of control functions and structured text (ST) pursuant to IEC 1131-3 for the development of automation functions. For progressive regulations, the DeltaV system supports e.g. fuzzy logic and neuronal networks.

The modules are based on the standards IEC 61131-3 and S88.01. A tool kit is available specifically for the control of process technology systems.

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