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Hardware and software development

Customised solutions for non-standardised processes.

gat is not only able to implement work according to your specifications or to find solutions for your detailed requirements. Also contact us if you have a general task and require planning or technical assistance. The gat team tackles challenges without prejudice and in a target-oriented manner, incorporates your experience in the areas concerned and uses knowledge and know-how from the many years of its own successful activity in automation technology. Our employees immerse themselves in your tasks and carry out development work for you - both in the areas of software and hardware as well as in the areas of planning/engineering, production and assembly. We can thus alleviate the burden on you and bring you closer to your goals. It is not for nothing that we have been certified according to ISO 9001 since 1997.

Our developments include, among others:

Testing devices
gat developed light testing devices for a renowned German car light manufacturer for quality assurance of the outgoing goods. These devices facilitate the fully automatic testing of lights, some of which are produced in home-based work, with regard to short circuits, missing contacts, performance and brightness. The gat team also facilitated a flexible programming for the analysis of various sensors of the testing device. Numerous different types of lights can thus be tested on one testing device by means of an adapter and a respective code.

Remote maintenance system for Siemens S5/S7
With the device developed by gat, a remote programming of Siemens PLC S5/7 is possible. Through the connection of the control unit via serial interface and ISDN telephone line, the software supplier is able to adapt the programming of the control unit by remote maintenance in the system house at any point in time. Only a communication connection and two SIFAS (Siemens remote maintenance) devices are required for this.

TAMSY fuel depot management system
The tank depot management system TAMSY developed by gat in collaboration with an operator is used to automate the operation of fuel depots of the petroleum industry for the following typical work processes:

  • Creation and handling of pump orders for the storage of petroleum products from ships, tank wagons, tankers or via pipeline
  • Company-internal transfers
  • Relocation of petroleum products
  • Monitoring of stock levels based on tank heights, leakage monitoring
  • Control of the absorber stream of gas recycling systems
  • Creation of daily and monthly final reports
  • Booking of the incoming and outgoing products
  • Creation of statistics

gatPLAN: Proprietary CAE application for the documentation of fieldbus systems

A system operator must plan the field instrumentation of new system plants. It requires connection lists, EMR point sheets and measuring point plans. Irrespective of whether it opts for conventional analogue measuring points or for fieldbus technology, it must maintain the master data of the equipment and components over the course of time.

The engineers at gat have developed a software that processes these tasks and based on the singular database structure is low-cost and reliable.

gatPLAN works on the basis of Microsoft Access 2000 and facilitates the creation and configuration of measuring points and the design of the bus topology by the planner. Currently, a maximum of 99 FCSs are envisaged; per FCS two segment couplers with two channels, nine power links per segment coupler channel, nine field barriers per power link and four measuring points or valve boxes per field barrier.

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