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Production of switching systems

gat plans, produces and delivers ready-to-connect switching systems, automation units or racks from all areas - from the low-voltage switching system up to 1000 V distributions, analysis technology as well as systems with electro-pneumatic devices.

Our production team has many years of experience in the new construction of low-voltage distributions and MCRE control cabinets, the assembly and wiring of programmable logic control (PLC) units and process control systems (PCS), the equipping of analysis houses, analysis cabinets or racks with analysers, sample preparation systems and the respective calibration equipment, the installation of pipes or hoses of magnetic valve cabinets or instrument protection boxes and the construction of control cabinets for the Ex area with the protection type over-pressure encapsulation. This is knowledge that you can build on.

gat is flexible in working with different contract documents: Our production team works pursuant to your requirements document, a list of specifications or the implementation drawings created by you or the gat planning department. In all work, special attention is paid to compliance with the valid standards such as the VDE and explosion protection regulations as well as the machines and EMC directive. This is done within the framework of our QM system which is certified pursuant to ISO 9001.

If you have to comply with foreign standards, this is not a problem for us either. We produce and certify switching systems according to international standards such as the UL standard for the North American market. We can also have a certification pursuant to GOST carried out. As we are independent of any manufacturer, we can procure and use any type of switching, control, measurement or regulation devices at low cost. Gat does not set any limitations for you but instead helps you to implement your requirements.

After completion, the MCRE systems are connected to our operating panel with which we can simulate 300 binary and 250 analogous inputs and outputs (including for Ex applications) in each case. This makes it possible for us and you to carry out comprehensive software and functional tests in our workshop even before shipment. An aspect that saves time and money.

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