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Our philosophy in the software service is to advise you in a target-oriented manner and to adapt to your specifications. We are used to working with older hardware or exceptional software for our customers, alongside current systems: Gat does not want to set any limitations for you but instead wants to help to solve your problems and implement visions.

With the following systems, we have implemented a large number of projects and have qualified and certified employees with valuable experience.

Programmable logic controls PLC for industry and mechanical engineering

Siemens:     S5/S7, S7-1200/1500
HIMA:         H41/51, HiMatrix, HIMax
Rockwell/Allen Bradley: ControlLogix    

In the implementation phase, we work with the following programs:

Siemens:   Step 5/7 and TIA Portal
HIMA:        ELOP II, SILWorx
Moeller:     Moeller S40

In addition, we have completed projects with the following tools:
Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Turbo-Pascal, Access-Basic, SQL-Server (e.g. via ODBC), Oracle, COM, Square D, UML, Concept, Unity, PL7, OS-9 and others.

Is the control unit that you use not in the list? Our software engineers would also be pleased to familiarise themselves with other software.

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