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Company history

The development of gat to date – a brief chronology

2019In spring, the construction work for the hall extension was completed and the new production areas and the test field handed over. As part of the construction work, a modern bicycle shelter with integrated smoking area was built.

In June, the construction of the expansion of the production areas and the test area of Branch North in Geesthacht begin.

The gat celebrates its 30th anniversary! All employees of the 3 branches come together in to Bad Soden-Salmünster near the Branch Centre and celebrate the success story of gat.

2017In the autumn, work commences on the expansion of the production spaces and the test field in the Branch North in Geesthacht. In total, an additional 650 sqm of new space is then to be available from autumn 2018 onwards.
2016Two further apprentices commence their work in the summer. gat is thus currently training 5 young colleagues as Electronics Engineers for Operating Technology. Operation of the Branch South and of the Swiss subsidiary is suspended as of the spring. The customers are supported via the other branches.
2015As of 1 August, gat takes over the former registration centre of the district of the Duchy of Lauenburg in Geesthacht and thus creates the prerequisite for an expansion of the production spaces at the site in Geesthacht.
2013In May, gat celebrates its 25th anniversary with customers and suppliers and other long-standing partners on the first day. On the second day, we celebrate a lavish party with the employees of all branches and their families in the Heidepark in Soltau.
2012As of 31 December, the long-standing partner and managing director Erhard Gallert leaves the company but continues to assist the company as an advisor for special tasks. Ulrich Schneider takes over the management of the Branch Centre.
2011To improve the working conditions for engineering, service and production, the expansion of the office and workshop facilities of our Branch East in Hartmannsdorf commences in the middle of the year; it is completed in April 2012.
2008In May, the company’s 20-year anniversary is duly celebrated in a company trip to the Black Forest.
2006After careful checking of our options and with regard to our social responsibility, we decide to commence the apprenticeship training for “Electronics Engineers for Operating Technology” and recruit our first trainees to start the apprenticeship in August in the Branch North.
2005To improve the work processes in production and for factory acceptance tests in the Branch North, the extension of the factory hall is commenced at the middle of the year; from December onwards, an additional 200 sqm of hall, 180 sqm of office, 130 sqm of warehouse and another 150 sqm of paved parking space are available.
2002On 1 July,  we strengthen our position in the south through the takeover of all the shares in a Swiss engineering firm. After renaming, the company operates from December onwards as gat Gesellschaft für Automatisierungstechnik AG, Riehen/Switzerland.

At the end of the year, the second company founder and partner and managing director Bernd Hofmann leaves the company at the age of 63. His successor as partner, managing director and head of the Branch North will be his son, Dipl.-Ing. Karsten Hofmann from 1 January 2003 onwards.

We celebrate 15 successful years of gat with all employees during a weekend spent together in Dresden and on a hike on the Bastei.
1999At the end of the year, the company co-founder Reinhold Schneider leaves the company management at the age of 65. Erhard Gallert and Ulrich Schneider join the company management.
1997In September, we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and SCC. An important step to securing quality, occupational safety and the processes of our project implementation and processes for our customers.

After 10 successful years, gat offers 83 employees a secure job and is well equipped for future tasks. This is duly celebrated during a joint company trip by all branches to Frankfurt.
1996On 7 June,  we celebrate with our customers and suppliers from Saxony, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Berlin and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania the inauguration of our new-build for the Branch East with 360 sqm of office and 280 sqm of workshop space in Hartmannsdorf.

From mid-October onwards, another 300 sqm of office space are available after the increase in the office section in the Branch North in Geesthacht and thus space for another 14 employees.
1995As of 1 January,  gat takes over the company SMR GmbH and thus, among others, the representation of FISHER-ROSEMOUNT (today EMERSON PROCESS MANAGEMENT) and Christian Bollin Armaturenfabrik for large areas of northern Germany and for Berlin.
1992The Branch Centre also moved into a newly constructed office building in Schwalbach.
1990After German reunification, we immediately start operations in the new federal states: As of 1 January, the Branch East is established in Chemnitz and on 20 July the rooms in the Kanalstrasse which have been renovated using the company’s own labour can be occupied. Nine employees find a job.

Space in Schwarzenbek soon becomes tight and on 13 August  the new premises of the Branch North in Geesthacht with 360 sqm of office and 280 sqm of workshop space are occupied.
1988The young company grows constantly; on 2 October, the Branch South is opened in Lörrach; a total of 23 employees already work there.
1987gat is founded by the two partners Bernd Hofmann and Reinhold Schneider in Lüneburg on 19 November. Operational activities commence on 2 January 1988 at the two sites in Schwarzenbek Branch North and Schwalbach am Taunus with the Branch Centre.

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