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Declaration of principle

Declaration of principle regarding
Quality - Safety - Health - Environmental protection - Social responsibility


The customer is the focus of our work. His or her satisfaction safeguards our success in the long term.
The following goals of equal ranking are inextricably linked to one another and are the benchmark for our day-to-day activities:

  •  Occupational safety of all parties, prevention of accidents, occupational illnesses and work-related health risks
  •  A product and service quality that corresponds to the expectations of our customers and our own goals
  •  Social responsibility
  •  Avoidance of damage to property and harm to the environment
  •  Sustainability and cost-efficiency


The following principles are binding for every individual employee at gat.


1.    Safety, health and environmental protection

Alongside the protection of the environment and sustainable trading, the safety and health of our employees, our customers and uninvolved third parties has the utmost priority at our company.

2.    Customer orientation

Every performance of work and every service is to be a recommendation for the expertise of our company. We want to meet the expectations and specifications of our customers through consistent product and service quality as well as innovative solutions and develop and expand long-term, trusting customer loyalty.

3.    Social responsibility

Our company principles include that every employee is aware of his/her responsibility towards society, our customers and colleagues during all his/her activities and supports the attainment of the goals through his/her personal conduct.

4.    Personnel development

Through regular education and development, we ensure a high level of current qualification and innovative strength among our employees. It is a management task at all levels to increase awareness of quality, safety, health, environmental protection and social responsibility.

5.    Inclusion of suppliers

We also demand a high and consistent quality from our suppliers as well as compliance with safety, health, environmental protection and social responsibility and sustainability. That is why we select suitable suppliers whose skills we regularly assess and take into account accordingly during procurement.

6.    Integrated management system of gat

A well-functioning quality management system is a basic prerequisite for us in order to meet the quality requirements with regard to deliveries and services in a targeted, economic and sustainable manner. It is a logical consequence for us to integrate the areas of safety, health and environmental protection into one system. The quality management is organisationally independent of the operational areas and reports directly to the company management.

7.    Improvements

We undertake and obligate all employees to use and review our integrated management system and to develop it further together at all times.


Geesthacht, in January 2022


Karsten Hofmann                               

    Managing director                                                                  




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