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Saia PCD technology is open for all standards. This is service and user-friendly and profitable in the long term. The programmable logic control units (PLC) offer another benefit: Thanks to their modular structure, they can be adapted to any conceivable automation task.

They are operated via web HMI, via computer, touch pad or smartphone. From wherever necessary. Some of the retrieved data are in CSV format on the control unit and can, for instance, be read and processed further via MS Excel and other conventional programs. This too is a sign of openness and user-friendliness.

In classical automation, the management, automation and field level are strictly separated from one another and from the outside world. The automation pyramid of SBC, however, is permeable: from the field to the management level. This facilitates the consistent communication via the interfaces that you need now or in the future.

The operating system developed by SBC (COSinus) is aligned in detail to the requirements of users: S-Net, for the communication between SBC devices, incorporates the system protocol S-Bus. The protocol is optimised for the devices and offers greater functionality compared to other standard protocols (e.g. Modbus). It is also easier and more efficient to use than other systems.

Saia PCD automation stations are durable, modular, robust and reliable. The development and production of hardware and software is done in Murten (Switzerland): Under one roof from one source – in a one-piece flow for maximum quality and durability.

The Saia PCD basic devices also support numerous protocols and up to 15 interfaces per control unit.

Gat and Saia form a strong team for your automation solution. Saia Burgess supplies the technology and products; gat the solution. Clear division of tasks, perfect collaboration.

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