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Health – Safety – Environmental protection (HSE)

Our employees, suppliers and customers are the focus of our health, safety and environmental protection management system as part of our quality management. Alongside the protection of the environment, the safety and health of our employees, our customers and uninvolved third parties has the utmost priority.

Every employee is called upon to work safely and to protect himself/herself and others as well as the environment. Unsafe conditions and risks with regard to health, safety and the environment are to be reported immediately in order to avoid accidents and work-related illnesses and to initiate counter measures if necessary.

All employees are responsible for complying with HSE laws and regulations in both the literal and in the figurative sense, and for protecting the environment. In order to take these principles of our corporate policy into account, certification pursuant to the SCC** (Safety Certificate Contractors) standard is only a logical consequence.

Through regular education and training, we ensure a high level of qualification and innovative strength among our employees. It is a management task at all levels to increase awareness for quality, safety, health and environmental protection.

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