Factory Link

Factory Link becomes WinCC

In the beginning of 2007, UGS Corp. has been inherited by Siemens AG. By this acquisition, there has occurred an overlap in the SCADA division with the products Factory Link and Simatic WinCC. After the completion of the integration of UGS Corp. in Siemens, Siemens decided that the latest version (8.0) of Factroy Link (which is developed momentarily) will be the final version of this effective software.

At the same time that the version 8.0 will be released, Siemens will transfer the software to the maintenance-state. This means that there will be no further development of the product Factory Link. Support is fully granted till October 2012; the support for the precursor version 7.5 will end in October 2010.

Siemens offers its customers a change from Factory Link to Simatic WinCC in order to safe conducted capital investement. The first projects have been realized with Siemens Tools. Momentarily, not all Factory Link tasks can be transferred, hence there still is demand until the change is terminated.

gat as both CIP partner for Factory Link and Siemens Solution Partner for WinCC is on your side for all matters concerning the system migration.

Please find manufacturer information here: www.plm.automation.siemens.com/de_de/products/tecnomatix/index.shtml