Freelance 800F

Freelance 800F: a compact, upgradeable process control system

 ABB Freelance 800F
ABB's Freelance 800F® process control system combines simple engineering with an open, modern system architecture. The current version of the control system is based on current standards (MS Windows XP Professional® operating system) and local communication via Ethernet with the TCP/IP protocol.



With control IT AC 800F, Freelance 800F® upgrades the known Freelance 2000® with field bus management. With up to four field bus interfaces per controller, Freelance 800F allows you to integrate all standard field buses, such as



Freelance Rack I/O (CAN)


HART via remote I/O

Remote protocol IEC870-5-101

Various types of field bus systems can be operated in parallel in a single AC 800F controller. Thanks to its compact and sturdy design, the AC 800F controller is suitable both for installation in the control room and for use in junction boxes directly in the field.

Due to the extensive, needs-based expandability of Freelance 800F, units with a few signals to large systems with over 10,000 signals can be automated.

Using standard field bus communication (e.g. PROFIBUS DP), standard signals can be connected via remote systems, such as ABB's I/O systems S800 and S900, or via all other remote I/O systems available on the market.

With an OPC or DDE interface it is possible to implement data exchange with other systems or also superordinate systems, such as SAP, or other production planning systems (MES).

Freelance 800F offers you consistent configuration, commissioning and diagnostics – using just one engineering tool. All five programming languages including sequence control (SFC) as per IEC 61131-3 are available.

Using modern FDT/DTM technology, Freelance 800F, with the engineering tool Control Builder F, allows you to integrate field bus compatible field devices very easily. It is not necessary to integrate device master files (GSD). More and more field device manufacturers provide DTMs for their devices so that integration is as simple as with a printer driver in Windows. All special signals and parameters are displayed with graphic parameter dialogs in the control system's engineering tool.

For standard process visualisation requirements with now two monitors per operating station in Windows®, DigiVis offers, among others, the following visualisation options:

Flow diagrams (optionally with 3D effect)

Clearly structured standard faceplates for operator interventions

Trend displays

System displays for quick diagnostics

Shift and event logs

Data archiving

Configuration is fully integrated in the Control Builder F. Access and user administration (security lock) allows hierarchical classification of the operation by the system staff.

ABB's 800xA Operations provides advanced features, such as integration in client-server architectures with server redundancy and therefore infinite scalability.

With more than 10,000 applications in all sectors of industry, Freelance 800F is a global success story.

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